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About Road Rage

Join Walt Deptula for Road Rage every afternoon from 3-7 PM on 105.5 The Roar. Walt eats, breathes and sleeps sports and there’s no one more knowledgeable than him. If you call into Road Rage, you better be prepared! Walt will breakdown any sport — football, basketball, baseball and everything in between. Finish your day, every day, with Road Rage.

Walt Deptula

Walt Deptula

Through the years I have become extremely good at talent analysis in both basketball and football, as a part of that equation, I know virtually every player on every team in the country in both sports, and have analyzed NFL draft prospects for years. The Huddle Report is a national contest for NFL Draft Analysts, a test that includes the names Kiper, McShay, Mayock etc., and I have fared pretty well against all the national guys, as I presently sit 12th in the country over a 5 year period. I don’t have the resources or connections that the big names do, but I’m right in the mix. 

I love challenging Vegas. The show offers pick segments in football and basketball where I routinely crush Vegas. Last year in college football, I hit about 65% versus the spread and the weekly “bests” were much better than that. I don’t gamble (well, other than betting a few BGR burgers with listeners) but I enjoy the challenge of putting my knowledge against the big building guys in Sin City.

Martial arts is one of my two favorite hobbies, I’ve studied and been involved in Jeet Kune Do and other arts for 20 years, when you love sports and aren’t good enough to play professionally in the “ball” sports, you find another outlet. I also love reptiles, yes reptiles. Published author on the subject, worked with zoos, and even done some research work for the National Forest Service as far away as Nebraska. Somebody had to do it. When I wasn’t playing sports as a kid, I was catching snakes. Boys will be boys kind of deal.

The phones ring all day on my show and I encourage your participation, come strong when you do. Just look at it this way, there is no way that you can be worse than “Gamecock Will.” See you on the show.

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