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“Partnering with The Roar for the past six years has been such a wonderful experience for us. Mickey has exceeded our expectations and the team at The Roar has always taken such great care of our needs for ZEROREZ. I would recommend highly to all looking to promote their business and great sports content to listen to!” -ZEROREZ 

“With The Tiger Sports Shop, tradition is important, and there is no better tradition than partnering with The ROAR every year. From the on air talent to staff, we have been beyond pleased. Their continued flexibility with everything we have asked of them has been so valuable to us and we look forward to many more traditions!! GO TIGERS!” - The Tiger Sports Shop 

"If you're a business owner like me, I have a bit of advice for you - partner with the Clemson Flagship radio station, The Roar. They have made a HUGE difference for my company since I've started working with them. They're locally owned and truly want to see me suceed. Take my advice and give The Roar a call." - Gary Mahaffey of Insurance for Seniors and Disabled

"Our work with The ROAR has outperformed any advertising we've ever done. That's a testament to the listeners as well as the sales staff. It 100% blows away any return I've ever had in other advertising and I would absolutely recommend working with The ROAR to other businesses." - Robert Craft of Clemson Sock Shop

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