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Get to know the newest member of the ROAR team and the content she'll working on!

I’m Hannah Hank and I’m a rookie on The Roar team taking on an internship this fall. To keep things short and sweet, I’m an Aussie, here to ball out and hustle. If you’ve seen me hoop for our Clemson Women’s Basketball team you know my brand is synonymous with taking the charge, making that hustle play and my growth mindset. I intend for that identity to extend to my ambitions outside of the black lines and walls of Littlejohn.

In saying I’m here to ball, in my journey at Clemson one of my most empowering takeaways has been life is not eat, sleep, hoop. Cause you can ball out off a basketball court too.

In my years of junior basketball back home in Aus, I lived and breathed the grind till’ you die mentality in pursuit of a division one scholarship in the United States. I know this played a massive role in landing myself a gig as a forward in the ACC and it continues to work as a motor that drives the development of my game.

But basketball is what I do not who I am. I am also a student, an ambassador for our Tigers Across the Globe (TAG) student athlete group, the host of M8 Podcast, a writer, all time try hard, recovering perfectionist and wannabe Spikeball elite. Clemson has helped me foster a healthy relationship with balancing on court goals, while making space for stepping into womanhood too #HYBLAW.

I’m just grateful working with The Roar is the next step in my journey.

I am working towards playing professional basketball after my Clemson career. I know playing basketball isn’t forever, so I have always valued my education, been intentional about seeking out opportunities in different fields and developed my professional resume whilst at Clemson.

I have always been drawn to storytelling and compelling narratives; from sharing my story, enrolling as an English major, being glued to The Last Dance and productions of that nature that give an insight into the locker rooms and minds of greats, to hearing about athletes’ journey’s outside of sport at Nieri’s very own West End student athlete dining hall. I’m here for it.

As a writer it’s natural to sit with your thoughts and take your time to construct and communicate them. I know an area I can improve on is being able to articulate my thoughts in the moment to engage in conversations; being able to work off the dome with confidence. I’m super keen to work for The Roar and grow in this area as a storyteller.

Stay tuned, maybe you’ll lend an ear to my Aussie accent soon or trust I’m helping out behind the scenes here at The Roar.


Learn more about Hannah here. Listen to the trailer for her new podcast, coming soon to The ROAR here.